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An online, live and easy introduction to the Google for Education tools to jumpstart your online teaching.

With so many schools going to online teaching Google for Education has been the choice for many. This fun and interactive course is for people who are new to teaching online, and looking to familiarise themselves with Google Classroom. Our experienced trainer will walk you through the basics of….

Session 1 - Being productive on the internet - the Chrome browser

The Chrome browser isn’t just for browsing the internet. It is your productivity friend. Learn how to

  • organize your online resources

  • find extensions to make online teaching easy

Session 2 - Building a home for all your learning - Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the main hub for students and teachers. Students access their assignments and teachers keep students updated with announcements.

  • Announcements vs assignments

  • Keep up with grading

  • Learn the different assignments 

  • Don’t get lost with notifications!

Session 3 - Connecting with your students online - Google Meet

We all know that connecting with students can be a challenge. In this session you will learn how to

  • master Google Meet

  • Some extra really powerful Meet tools 

  • Scheduling - from Google Classroom

Session 4 - An introduction to online assessment - Google Forms

Use the power of Google Forms to make it easy to accept assignments form students:

  • Powerful automatic grading

  • Student feedback surveys

  • Well-being check-ins

The benefits of a live training will enable you to learn best practice for others and ask your questions immediately. There is no need to spend hours online searching when you will be live and online with an instructor and classmates. We restrict the class size to only 10, and you will have mini homeworks to keep the learning going in between sessions.

Every attendee receives a certificate and a digital badge to share on their online profiles!